Next Generation property management

Get ready for the future and use the latest proven technologies to manage your properties more efficiently and optimize ROI’s

Highly customizable Property management software
Fast implementation and easy to customize

No lengthy and costly implementation to get started. Wunderbricks PMS already includes all functionalities to support and automate all essential property management processes.
At the same time the platform is open and easy to customize it to your needs. Or even build modules on top of it to support your specific business needs


Digital twins of your properties

The future of Real Estate is about making better data driven decisions. Creating a real time digital copy of your properties up to the lowest level of granularity has never been easier, thanks to new technologies like IoT. Be proactive in your maintenance plans and get all the data you need to increase your business efficiency and improve the properties ROI.

PMS Digital twin
PMS advanced analytics
Access to all your data, any time

Get rid of your closed systems and enter the world where all data is easily accessible.  Integrate with your other business critical systems through API’s. Wunderbricks PMS is built on this principle of openness. All data is accessible through dashboards and reports. Or use our API to feed data into your own BI platform or to synchronize information with other applications.

Manage your international portfolio

Wunderbricks PMS also allows you to manage properties across multiple countries. We understand standardizations differ between countries. Each country has its own specific data sources like public property registers. Depending on the country, we present the applicable standardizations and allow you to use the applicable integrations for that specific country. So you can manage all your properties locally, but still obtain a global view of your portfolio.

PMS international coverage
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