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Contributing to a product with high value is the reason why Marcelo joined Wunderbricks

Marcelo is originally from Portugal and left his sunny country to start working for Wunderbricks as a Senior OutSystems Developer. In this article we will tell you Marcelo’s motivation for taking on this adventure!

From Porto to Amsterdam

Leaving Portugal and getting a new living experience abroad was always Marcelo’s ambition. The big question was where in the world! When he got in touch with Wunderbrick’s team he instantly had a good feeling about the company and his future colleagues. Besides that, Amsterdam is an interesting city and something completely different. He decided to take the leap and leave his sunny country for rainy Amsterdam!

Surely it took some time to get used to the Netherlands. However, Marcelo is happy he took this chance. Not solely for the experience abroad, but even more because of the opportunity he is getting at Wunderbricks to become an even higher-skilled OutSystems Developer.

Previous experience

Before working for Wunderbricks, Marcelo worked as an OutSystems Developer for two years. His career started with a training course about OutSystems and he was instantly enthusiastic about the platform. 

OutSystems is a really cool concept of programming. As a developer you have the freedom to create anything and therefore the possibilities are endless. In addition, OutSystems is a low-code platform which enables you to work fast and efficiently.

Marcelo’s role within Wunderbricks

Within Wunderbricks Marcelo is responsible for setting up new integrations and improving the product even further in terms of userability. The end goal is to create one system for all aspects of real estate management. This means that the system has lots of information, which is all connected. Making the product almost futuristic, especially in a traditional market.

Before working for Wunderbricks, Marcelo had some experience with setting up integrations with OutSystems. However, never to this extent. As a result, this role offers Marcelo great learning opportunities and at the same time gives him the chance to get to know a new country!