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Explore an ever-expanding marketplace of applications you can connect to Wunderbricks with just a few clicks. Benefit from the real estate industry related integrations built by Wunderbricks or visit the Salesforce AppExchange and connect one of the 7,000+ world's leading software applications.

Built by Wunderbricks

Check out the integrations with industry-recommended software applications, built by Wunderbricks. It comes with 24/7 health monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about service interruptions caused by unexpected API upgrades or downtimes. And if your connected application gets an API upgrade, we adjust the integration, test it and bring it into production without you even noticing it.

7.000+ Salesforce integrations

Explore how you can lower costs, grow revenue and get more value out of the Salesforce platform. The right solutions will make it easier for you to solve business challenges and connect with tenants, owners, investors or any other relation in personalized ways.

Need something custom?

You can develop your own integration using our Wunderbricks Open API. Or just reach out to us as we might already have it on our roadmap or are interested in adding it!