next generation pms

A better way to manage real estate

Get ready for the future and use the latest proven technologies to manage your properties more efficiently and optimize ROI’s.

commercial management

Powerful 360 views on tenants and their leases

Add leases, tenants, co-tenants, guarantors, key contacts and communication preferences such as medium and language to efficiently manage the relationship and communication with your residential or commercial tenants.

Bank guarantees or deposit details.
Ensure your rental income and log all relevant bank guarantee or deposit details.
Smooth tenant onboarding.
Automatic onboarding through a lead management platform, your website or simply add them manually. You decide.
Flexible lease terms.
We support multiple lease periods, renewal terms, notice periods and breaks.
Set expiry alerts.
Want to be notified 6 or 12 months before expiry of a lease? No problem. It’s standard functionality.
Key contacts.
Link your tenants’ key contacts such as physicians and caretakers.
Always know who is backing your tenants in case of payment issues.
Demarcation lists.
Simply configure who is responsible for what and add these demarcations to a lease.
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technical management

Gain full insight on all repair and maintenance processes

Benefit from the 360 degree view of your tenants, their units and all elements. And always be in full control with regard to certifications. Just add them to your properties and get notified in time when they expire. Or just automatically notify your certification supplier.

Maintenance Plans.
Setup multi-year maintenance plans, apply indexation and link it to spaces, units and/or elements.
Full overview on certificates.
Add all (legally) required certificates of a property. Also the missing ones. Get early notifications for renewal or automatically send the work order to your supplier.
Flexible approval processes.
Need for certain clients special approval processes. No problem. Simply create the approval flow and activate it.
Full access to all Salesforce Service Cloud features.
Manage all communications with tenants and suppliers using advanced Salesforce’s service cloud functionality.
Work orders.
Add one or more work orders to a case and easily track its progress. And add your own approval processes if required.
Powerful case management.
360 degrees overviews of cases makes problem solving a lot easier. Dispatching ownership is simply done with just one mouse click.
Use public data sources.
Automatically add public data such as registry data (e.g. BAG in NL), valuations (eg. WOZ in NL) and energy labels.
Multi-channel case initiation.
You decide how cases (tickets) can be initiated, whether it’s by web, app, phone, mail, social media or even QR code scanning.
Full insight.
Map all portfolios including its complexes, properties and units into Wunderbricks and create their digital twins.
Elements & inventory.
Airco’s, heating equipment, but also coffee machines, TV monitors and more. Simply add them including supplier, purchase details and maintenance details.
financial management

End-to-end financial control

We are not a bookkeeping system. For that, you just pick your favorite platform and integrate it with Wunderbricks. But we do manage your billing, indexation and service costs. Enjoy the fully automated billing process and optimize your workflow to reduce bad debt. Configure your indexation process with your own defined rules and add approvals where needed. Smart linking of incoming invoices and automatically calculating services costs allowing you to be in control and scale without worries.

Auto billing.
Invoice any lease item, whether it’s rent, service costs, parking costs or any other line item, and have real time insight in the payment behavior of your tenants.
Flexible indexation.
Decide per lease what indexation method to use. Add rules when needed and automatically send notifications in your tenant’s preferred language.
Full insight on purchase invoice.
Automatically synchronize your bookkeeping system’s purchase invoices and automatically link them to the relevant properties, elements and/or suppliers.
Powerful GL account mapping.
Dealing with different GL account codes for different owners? No problem with our powerful mapping solution.
Real-time service cost overviews.
Service costs are calculated automatically based on the relevant purchase invoices, agreed demarcations and potential owner contributions.
Supporting multiple bank accounts.
Separate invoices are created when for instance rent, service costs or deposits need to go to different bank account.

All customer relations through the world’s number one CRM platform

Fully benefit from Salesforce, and give your teams the most complete view on tenant, supplier and owner data. It is simple and intuitive to use, enhanced continuously and can be accessed from any device, anywhere. Salesforce is also recognised by Gartner as leader and most visionary player in this space. Start boosting productivity, increasing efficiency, and decreasing costs!

Powerful 360 views.
Give all your teams a single, shared view of each relationship and its related information. Whether it’s an owner, an investor, a tenant or a supplier.
Log all activities.
Log any meeting (video) call and simply add notes to it, so everybody is always up to date.
Integrate with Microsoft 365 or Google.
With just a simple click you can integrate with Microsoft 365 or Google. Automatically link emails or calendar events to have full insight in one place.
In control with tasks.
Add tasks to keep track of your outstanding ‘things to do’. Or assign tasks to colleagues. Easily relate every task to records for tenants, owners, investors, suppliers or even leases, properties and elements.
Follow your favorites.
Tired of sharing information all the time? Just let your colleagues follow their favorite owners, portfolios, properties or tenants and be always up to date with the latest changes.
Go mobile when on the go.
Use the standard mobile app to get access to all your CRM data when you ‘re not behind your computer. Anywhere, anytime.
portals & apps

Create personalized portals and choose the data to be displayed

Although our standard Wunderbricks platform is already complete and rich in features, we understand that every company has its own specific requirements. Besides customizations (like adding fields or workflows) in our standard application, you can use standard Salesforce functionality and simply setup a portal or app for external users like owners, suppliers, credit collectors or appraisers.

Fast deployment.
Using standard Salesforce functionality, you can setup a portal within a couple of hours. Simply create the menu and drag and drop the required information on each page.
Add your own style.
A portal or app comes out of the box with an intuitive interface. However, you are free to change navigation and add your own branding preferences!
For web and mobile users.
Any portal you create is responsive. That means it automatically adjusts for web and mobile use.
Build beautiful mobile apps.
Do you want your own mobile iOS and Android app. Use the Salesforce mobile app development kit to give your relations an awesome experience.