Customer case

Why Wunderbricks contributes directly to the satisfaction of Cortese’s tenants.

Cortese started in 2010 and initiates, structures and manages real estate specifically for healthcare and medical purposes. These buildings are subject to strict requirements and regulations. Cortese needs to keep up with these requirements in order to guarantee a safe and comfortable working environment in the practices of their tenants. In order to achieve that, they use Wunderbricks on a daily basis to keep a 360 degrees overview on their portfolio. In this customer-case we will tell you the reason why keeping this overview is the key to gain maximum results.

Growing demand in the healthcare sector

As of today, Cortese manages and maintains around 80 buildings in the healthcare and medical sector. While their portfolio is growing rapidly (due to the exponential growing demand for healthcare), they need to ensure the quality of the buildings and stay on top of contracts. In addition, the pandemic led to strict requirements for the buildings. Think of installing (better) ventilation and providing enough space for a safe work environment. Cortese’s growing portfolio combined with the specific real estate regulations for healthcare purposes, makes clear reports and dashboards a necessity for successful real estate management.

The software of Wunderbricks helps us in reaching our goals and being able to ensure the satisfaction of our tenants. Besides this, it is easy to integrate Wunderbricks with other digital solutions. Thanks to this flexibility our team works more effectively and efficiently.

Rémy Voskamp

The value of Wunderbricks

Cortese’s first project was transforming an old elementary school into a modern practitioner facility. Traditionally these kind of objects were managed by big investment parties with little attention to personal demands and wishes. Cortese wanted to change this by being easily accessible for their tenants. And that vision led to a high appreciation and satisfaction among their tenants. In order to maintain this, Cortese needed a system that provided clear reports and facilitated a 360 view on their portfolio.

Wunderbricks lives up to this demand by providing Cortese with:

  • Clear reports and extensive dashboards
  • Powerful case management
  • Real-time service cost overviews

Besides that, Wunderbricks is built on Salesforce. The number one CRM platform. This means that Cortese can give their team the most complete view on tenant data.

Gain maximum results by working data-driven

In short, working data-driven has reduced the amount of human errors significantly, helps Cortese’s team to engage on challenges proactively and makes processes highly efficient. As a result, buildings are maintained properly and malfunctions can be solved before they become a problem. At the same time, tenants can still reach Cortese directly with their wishes and demands. Leaving the personal touch of Cortese in place while guaranteeing high tenant satisfaction due to quick follow-ups.