Customer case

DeenKoopmans is ready for the future thanks to Wunderbricks

The completely new Property Management branch of DeenKoopmans was ready for launch within a month! From the initial conversation to implementation and completion, within a month the entire process was completed and ready to go. In this article we would like to tell you why DeenKoopmans is ready for the future thanks to Wunderbricks.

The company: DeenKoopmans

DeenKoopmans is a real all-rounder when it comes to investment and real estate expertise. As a commercial property specialist, the company specialises in consultancy around property creation and optimisation, providing sustainability advice and finding off-market deals.

Until recently, an important branch was still missing within DeenKoopmans: Property Management. This changed when Daan Koopmans and Tim van der Plaats of 'Wunderbricks' went for a cup of coffee to discuss a possible collaboration.

Now, less than two months on, together with DeenKoopmans and our implementation partner Brightfox, we have set up a completely new label called 'Housing+'. Here, they offer Property Management for its clients.

DeenKoopmans offers Property Management to its clients thanks to their new label called Housing+. A label that has been initiated and developed in Wunderbricks within a month!

The end product: Housing+

Under its new label Housing+, DeenKoopmans will rent out and sell residential and commercial properties with just that little bit extra. Thanks to the the software of Wunderbricks and the implementation power of Brightfox, Housing+ is rock solid.

Impact of this case:

  • Started with 400 properties and this number will be expanded in the future
  • One central place. All the Property Management information has been moved to our Wunderbricks platform and organized under the name "Housing+"
  • Implementationprocess only took 10 days
  • DeenKoopman's Property Management costs are reduced with 20%

The goal of Housing+?

This new branch will allow DeenKoopmans to combine customer-friendliness with cutting-edge technologies. As a result, Housing+ can become one of the best-known and most reliable names in the Northern real estate market.

Official celebration

The partnership was officially celebrated during PROVADA 2024. The PROVADA is the leading real estate fair in the Netherlands, where all the main (and emerging) real estate parties come together to gain new inspirations and establish collaborations.

The choice of Brightfox & Wunderbricks

Whereas the real estate (management) sector generally has a conservative way of working together, DeenKoopmans is always curious for new opportunites to improve their services. For example, towards new developments, digitalisation and automation.

In this regards, DeenKoopmans found a perfect cooperation partner in both Wunderbricks and Brightfox. Brightfox, as an implementation expert in Salesforce, is helping to roll out the software and tailor the platform to DeenKoopmans' requirements.

How did we achieve this together?

Building Housing+ went the same way as building a house: from the ground up. Brick by (digital) brick.

Our team was involved with building the Housing+ platform from the very beginning. That way we were able, together with DeenKoopmans, to set-up a rock-solid Property Management system in Salesforce.

And the result?

The platform is already very solid. After a successful launch, we will focus on optimising the functionalities within the Property Management system in the upcoming months.

DeenKoopmans has a progressive vision of the future. We at Wunderbricks are excited, together with Brightfox as our implementation partner, to raise the bar in terms of customer experience, automation and working data-driven in the real estate sector.

How do we continue with the development?

The first objective was to get everything live at once. To launch the new 'Housing+' branch within DeenKoopmans' Salesforce environment and afterwards build and optimise this platform even further by listening to the needs of their clients.

How did the launch of Housing+ go?

Housing+ was live within a month. In doing so, Deenkoopmans started 'small' with approximately 400 properties, but it is now time to think bigger. Just like the speed of implementation, the number of properties is also expected to build up rapidly in the coming months. The focus here is on the existing customers who have already know DeenKoopmans Housing+ label.

How we see the future

Together with DeenKoopmans and Brightfox, we look forward to further optimising Property Management. One (digital) brick at a time!