About us

Sam's mission within Wunderbricks; to create a flexible platform for effective property management

Wunderbricks is developing rapidly and the team is growing. As of June 1, 2023, Sam Rijkers has started as Senior OutSystems Developer. In this article we introduce Sam to you and explain how his role contributes to the optimization of the platform.

What is OutSystems?

OutSystems is a powerful, low-code tool for developing technical applications and solutions in a very efficient manner. Thanks to its visual interface, developers do not need extensive programming knowledge. As a result, workflows are highly efficient and it offers endless possibilities for further development.

Sam’s role within Wunderbricks

Due to Sam's extensive knowledge of OutSystems, he is able to take the usability and effectiveness of Wunderbricks to an even higher level. His focus will be particularly on setting up smart and user-friendly integrations, such as Exact Online, EP Online, WOZ, AFAS and many more.

In other words, Sam will link essential and popular systems to Wunderbricks. With the ultimate goal to enable property managers to manage all of their tasks within one system.  OutSystems facilitates these integrations and acts as a power strip to ensure that clients solely use the applications they need.

It’s my mission to increase Wunderbricks’ flexibility even more. The customer can specify which applications are essential for his business. No big, rigid platform with a needless amount of functionalities, but only use what is needed.

From Scientist to Developer

Sam has been living in Amsterdam for a couple of years now. Yet you can hear from his accent that he has different roots. He grew up near Eindhoven, studied at the VU and stayed in Amsterdam thanks to competitive rowing. Meanwhile, he slowed down with the rowing, however he regularly grabs his speed cycling bike.

Originally, Sam is a scientist focussed on the human body and its movements. In this field of expertise, you spend a lot of time analyzing data and connecting the dots. Skills that are very useful for a developer. Sam switched careers and about five years ago, he started working with OutSystems at an official OutSystems partner. Now he is looking forward to using this knowledge within Wunderbricks and contributing to even more effective property management!