Customer case

How Wunderbricks became the essential backbone of the family-owned business Kloet

Kloet Onderhoud started as a painting company in 1919 and has grown into a specialist in property management. Their aim is to unburden professional real-estate owners in every possible aspect. From general maintenance - such as daily repairs and recurring paintwork - to related technical property management. In 2019 they were challenged by the municipality of Vlaardingen, the Netherlands to manage 80% of their properties. In that same year Kloet Onderhoud got the contract. This customer-case tells the story of Kloet Onderhoud and why Wunderbricks and Kloet appear to be a golden match.

About Kloet

Kloet Onderhoud is a family-owned company founded more than hundred years ago. Over four different generations, the company became a professional in every aspect of maintenance and technical property management. In addition to unburdening professional real-estate owners when it comes to maintenance and renovations, Kloet goes the extra mile by providing strategic advice around real-estate. Because good property management entails much more than just taking care of a building.

Kloet creates and executes strategic asset management plans for subjects like:

  • Calculating the Social Return on Investment related to a project.
  • Making cost effective choices based on sustainability.
  • Improving tenant satisfaction

Due to Kloet’s comprehensive real-estate management portfolio and the many years of experience, the project of the municipality of Vlaardingen sounded like a great fit. They won the contract and one of their largest projects started.

Flexibility and future-proof

The municipality of Vlaardingen outsourced 80% of their real-estate property management to Kloet Onderhoud. As a result, every aspect of property management within this portfolio became the responsibility of Kloet. In order to make this large project work, new and existing processes needed to be automatized and optimized. To be able to meet the strategic, operational and financial goals, a data-driven approach in combination with a state-of-the-art, secure, open and flexible Property Management System (PMS) that is able to integrate with other essential platforms was critical.

This was exactly what Wunderbricks’ PMS could offer and why Kloet had selected it. The business strategy of Wunderbricks, its ambitious mission and vision, and a feature-rich application built on the robust and secure Salesforce platform that provides ultimate flexibility, related directly to the needs of Kloet and its customers.

We wanted to be able to fully adjust our system to the needs of our customers. Automating new and existing processes while working in one PMS would increase our efficiency significantly. As a result, we can do more work, with less resources. This demand became the essence within the brainstorm sessions with Wunderbricks.

Chris Oerlemans - Kloet Onderhoud

Wunderbricks is able to guarantee a flexible and future-proof system to companies thanks to the power of Salesforce. This leading global SaaS provider enables Wunderbricks to build its powerful application and integrate with any other system. Such integration can be found in the Salesforce AppExchange whereby customers can easily install and activate it into their system. Alternatively, customers can use the integrations built by Wunderbricks. As a result, Wunderbricks users effectively work from anywhere, making their customers happy from everywhere!

Do you want to learn more about our integrations? Take a look at the integrations built by Wunderbricks, or browse through Salesforce’s AppExchange where you will find 4000+ integrations.

Focus on streamlining communication

From day one it became clear that Wunderbricks’ PMS was crucial for facilitating smooth and efficient processes and providing clear communication between employees, customers, suppliers and tenants. They can all use their own preferred channel, whether it is phone, email, whatsapp, portal or app. And still all communication comes together in a single case with a great 360 degrees view.

As an example, when a tenant reports a malfunction or issue through Kloet’s portal, a case is automatically created and a work order is sent instantly to the related supplier. At the same time, the tenant receives a confirmation e-mail with all relevant information. From that moment on, the tenant is able to track the progress by their preferred channel (portal, app, e-mail, whatsapp, etc.). Any case updates are sent automatically to the tenant, saving both the tenant and the supplier time and possible, making the process more efficient and increasing tenant satisfaction.

By streamlining the communication in a smart and efficient way, Kloet’s team can focus on the important parts of the job. Moreover, the system gives Kloet a clear overview of the status of a case or a project and therefore provides the possibility to act proactively when needed.

Wunderbricks is a vital tool for Kloet’s business model

Summarizing, Wunderbricks is a vital tool for Kloet’s business. The current state-of-the-art technology provided by Wunderbricks is essential. Including its drive to continuously make the application richer and smarter to improve efficiency and embed the newest technology trends. This ongoing flow of optimizations make sure Kloet’s team can focus on the important part of the business, namely adding value to their customers.